Cassette is a low-cost alternative to the composite cladding that uses sheet metal. When larger-than-normal panel lengths and/or widths are required, the system is frequently specified. The Cassette panel system is a type of exterior paneling. It’s suitable for both new building and renovation projects. The Rain-screen technique is used to create this adaptable open jointed structure. It may be used in both new and refurbishment projects and can be used horizontally or vertically on low to high height buildings. The cassettes are bent and secured to an aluminum framework that is secured to the load-bearing structure with invisible clips. The Cassette system is a cutting-edge façade solution that creates a modern, flat appearance.



Brass and Copper

Galvanized Steel


Stainless Steel



Panel Heights available

25mm, 38mm and 50mm panel heights available

Length of Panel

Panel lengths available from a minimum 500mm, dependant on material selection

Pan Widths available

180mm – 530mm pan widths from rib to rib (material dependant)

Substrate Requirements

Substrate options available for wall and roof applications

Fire Rated/BAL Applications

Suitable for use in fire-rated and BAL applications in conjunction with a suitable wall/roof build-up *

* Note: For further information and expert advice please contact Cladding Walls Australia.


  • Suitable for commercial and residential projects
  • Able to achieve large span panels, only material selection limits panel sizes
  • Customize panel widths for design individuality
  • Custom express widths for different effects
  • Achieve a commercial composite cladding panel look with sheet metal materials
  • Combine fixed panel widths or random patterns within the same facade
  • Minimal maintenance compared to other cladding materials, such as rendered brick and timber
  • Clean architectural facade with no visible fixings
  • Ability to splay and/or taper panels


All profiles should be placed by a qualified and experienced cladding installer, according to Cladding Walls Australia. Cladding Walls Australia offers all complimentary flashings and cappings.

Standard Cassette panels can be screwed into steel or aluminum top hats at 400 mm to 600 mm centers using authorized flat-head screws. Cladding Walls Australia recommends a polystyrene backer or adequate rear support system within the folded panel for panels exceeding 250 mm wide. When installing Cassette, each panel should be lined out from bottom to top.

Please contact Cladding Walls Australia directly for complete installation instructions and expert guidance.



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