The sleek profile of Snaplock Cladding is perfectly adapted to new architectural developments. Snaplock’s simpler installation method, which resembles Standing Seam but does not require specialist gear, has become a popular alternative for installers and builders who do not have access to Standing Seam seam closure equipment. Snaplock panels are meant to “snap” together, making installation a breeze.

The Snap Lock panels have a similar appearance to standing seam panels, but the form of the lip allows them to snap together without the need for crimping.



Brass and Copper

Galvanized Steel


Stainless Steel



Panel Heights available

25mm, 38mm and 44mm panel heights available

Length of Panel

Panel lengths available from a minimum 500mm, dependant on material selection

Pan Widths available

225mm – 525mm pan widths from rib to rib (material dependant)

Substrate Requirements

Substrate options available for wall and roof applications *

Fire Rated/BAL Applications

Suitable for use in fire-rated and BAL applications in conjunction with a suitable wall/roof build-up *

* Note: For further information and expert advice please contact Cladding Walls Australia.


  • Suitable for commercial and residential projects
  • Attractive vertical fin, unique to Snaplock and Nailstrip systems
  • Minimal maintenance compared to other cladding materials, such as rendered brick and timber
  • Combine fixed panel widths or random patterns within the same facade
  • Custom pan widths available for design individuality
  • Cost-effective
  • No seam closing tools are required, making it a less technical process
  • Compliant and Watertight


All profiles should be placed by a qualified and experienced cladding installer, according to Cladding Walls Australia. Cladding Walls Australia offers all complimentary flashings and cappings. 

A construction-grade substrate is required for all Snaplock applications. When working with zinc, a constant ventilation gap of 20 mm beneath the substrate is required for wall cladding applications, and a 40 mm gap is required for roof installations (note, this is for zinc only). Before laying cladding panels, the substrate should be encased with a moisture-proof membrane. Each panel must be secured to the membraned substrate using approved stainless steel clips and countersunk screws. 

Please contact Cladding Walls Australia directly for complete installation instructions and expert guidance.




Most frequent questions and answers

Cladding Walls Australia offers Snaplock panels with a 25mm seam x 425mm cover width for roofs with a minimum pitch of 7 degrees and a 38mm seam height x 386mm for roofs with a minimum pitch of 3 degrees.
Other lengths are available if transportable in lengths up to 12 metres.
Tapered panels and custom widths down to 200mm are available.

Unlike typical standing seam panels, Cladding Walls Australia’s Snaplock seams effortlessly snap together onto concealed clips, making installation a breeze.


Other elements may necessitate some installation expertise or training.


Please contact us for cost, availability, and expert advise.

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